Infovision interactive partner "1 + 1 = 3: MY TRADE-SYNERGY SIMPLE MATH"

A fundamental change in the business model, flexibility of thinking and synergy of efforts of market participants - this is the action plan for retail in the new economy. About why retail should sometimes "go out into the courtyard", beyond its own experience, resources. RETAIL IN A NEW WORLD: WHAT TO EXPECT AND WHAT TO GO FOR? Andrey DLIGACH, Ph.D., General Director of Advanter Group, said what retail will be guided in the future. First of all, retailers need to reduce the number of goods and projects, and pay special attention to the attitude towards the client, and involve the buyer in their business. Secondly, the war with suppliers, the hope for loyalty programs and deferred payment are the past. The future lies in new thinking, the search for innovative solutions and technologies. In 2017-2018 the business will be based on innovative solutions, trust and openness. Therefore, retailers need to start managing relationships, not sales. The very understanding of the need for change is an important condition today in order to begin to change. Boris STARINSKY, Managing Partner of INTALEV Group of Companies, Expert of TOS and new technologies, is sure of this. At the moment, the main technological trends of retail include: fast and affordable Internet, cloud technology, social networks, Big DATA, Internet of Things, robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printers, virtual and augmented reality. With proper use of these resources, retail will reach a new level. However, the need to change is associated with a factor such as mental limitations. To overcome these limitations, the Expert advises to pursue an openness policy and clearly understand: a company can achieve high results, moving away from the outdated paradigm. In order to effectively build processes both within the company and interacting with a partner, retail players need to choose the right strategy. Alexander STEPANOV, Expert of professional analytics and information systems in retail, shared his expert opinion on the evolution of strategies for retail. Today it is necessary to be able to negotiate with partners, discuss all issues openly with them, and not think stereotypically. Correct, consistent analysis of Big Data enables the retailer to understand the main preferences of customers and to understand in which direction he needs to move.